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Facial Surgery
in Orlando, FL

The facial surgical procedures offered at the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Orlando are designed to enhance the aesthetic and functional qualities of the face. Our plastic and reconstructive surgery center is led by board-certified plastic surgeon Kendall Peters, MD, FACS, who performs a comprehensive selection of advanced facial procedures to transform the faces of Orange County and Central Florida residents. Whether you want to restore the volume and smoothness characteristic of youth to your face or improve the contours and definition of certain facial features, facial plastic surgeries can not only enhance your appearance, but they can also improve your confidence and self-esteem.

About Facial Surgery

"What about your face gives you the most concern?" is one of the first questions we'll ask you when you visit our Orlando plastic surgery facility for a facial surgery consultation. We want to know your motivations for seeking facial plastic surgery and craft a personalized treatment plan to deliver your desired outcome. In some instances, we may even recommend a combination of facial surgical procedures to help you achieve your desired result.

facial surgery in Orlando, FL

Facial Surgery in Orlando, FL

The face is a primary point of focus by which others judge not only our appearance but our personalities. It's no wonder that people who sustain trauma to the face or express unhappiness about certain facial features turn to reconstructive or cosmetic facial procedures to improve facial harmony and proportion. Through facial plastic surgery procedures and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, you can minimize facial imperfections, enhance the contours of your face, rejuvenate your skin, and reverse signs of aging that have diminished your appearance. Regardless of the facial imperfections or issues you'd like to address, the professionals and support staff at the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery will work hard to align your appearance with the youthful spark you feel inside.

How Can Facial Plastic Surgery Improve Your Appearance?

Patients have a number of surgical and nonsurgical facial and reconstructive procedures to choose from at our Orlando plastic and reconstructive surgery center. Dr. Peters combines his extensive skills and artistic eye for facial anatomy to subtly reshape and transform the overall appearance of the face with precision and bring balance and proportion to the facial features.

A Nose Job or Rhinoplasty can:

  • Smooth out bumps along the nasal bridge
  • Improve the shape and projection of the nasal tip
  • Make the nostrils more symmetrical in size and width
  • Resolve breathing problems by correcting a deviated septum

Blepharoplasty eliminates:

  • "Hooded" upper eyelids that cause you to appear tired or sleepy
  • Droopy eyelids that point downward and give you a perpetually sad appearance
  • Puffiness beneath the eyes that makes you appear weary or much older than your true age

A Facelift corrects:

  • A loss of facial fullness and volume that leads to excess sagging skin
  • Deep facial folds and creases in the face and neck, particularly near the nasal and mouth regions
  • Lax facial skin that gives way to jowls along the jawline

A Mini-Facelift, also known as a Short Scar Facelift, is more suitable for:

  • Healthy men and women who want to tighten sagging skin along the lower portion of the face and jawline
  • Patients who want to reverse visible signs of aging on the face without an invasive surgical procedure
  • Men and women who only show early signs of aging

A Neck Lift can:

  • Remove excess, sagging skin and tighten the neck and jawline
  • Be performed as a stand-alone procedure if other facial procedures are not necessary or desired
  • Restore a more youthful profile to your overall appearance

Otoplasty can:

  • Make oversized or misshapen ears more uniform and proportioned
  • Reduce social ridicule and improve your self-esteem
  • Reshape the ears of children as young as five years of age

A Brow Lift softens:

  • Deep, static lines and creases along the forehead
  • Low-positioned eyebrows that sag over the eyes
  • Furrows and vertical lines between the eyebrows that make you look angry

A Chin Reduction will:

  • Frame and balance out the entire face
  • Correct a weak or under-projected chin
  • Sculpt, contour, and define the jawline

Cheek Augmentation can improve:

  • Poor cheekbone definition
  • Gaunt, sunken cheeks or temples
  • Cheek lines, wrinkles, and under eye bags

Natural-Looking Facial Plastic Surgery Results

Dr. Peters dedicates an adequate amount of time to all of his patients to listen closely to their wants and desires. He then uses his expertise and experience to develop a treatment plan that delivers the optimal outcome. Dr. Peters is committed to providing the results that meet your goals and needs, ensuring that you get the beautiful, natural-looking outcome you've always desired.

How Much Does Facial Surgery Cost in Orlando?

Dr. Peters tailors his approach to every cosmetic procedure we offer according to the existing facial structure and desired outcome of each patient, and, in some instances, he combines a series of cosmetic procedures to deliver the patient's optimal results. At the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we offer financing through CareCredit® to make our procedures more affordable in cases where the cost of surgery is not covered by insurance. We also accept major credit cards, cash, and personal checks as forms of payment.

For more information about facial surgery and how the different procedures might benefit you, please contact us to schedule a consultation at our Orlando plastic surgery office. The Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Kendall Peters, MD, FACS, offers a variety of facial surgery procedures for men and women who live in Orange County and Central Florida.