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Breast implant removal surgery is an elective procedure that is carried out when a woman is ready to alter the size or shape of her breasts. This particular medical treatment is also carried out when a woman is dealing with an infection or other surgical complication due to her implants. For the vast majority of women, breast implant removal surgery helps them reclaim their confidence and overall happiness.

Benefits of Breast Implant Removal

Regardless of how confident a woman may be with her surgery, there is always a chance that she will be dissatisfied with the results. Our team is here to help women improve their confidence and alter their self-image. We can also help patients who are struggling with any number of unwanted and unhealthy side effects from their augmentation procedure.

Good Candidates for Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal is an excellent procedure for anyone who is struggling with the following issues:

What Happens During Breast Implant Removal?

Breast augmentations do not have a 100 percent satisfaction rate, and that has left many women struggling with implants that no longer make them happy. Led by Dr. Peters, the team here at the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery informs every patient that implants are not always the right choice. In many situations, women are not happy with the changes to their appearance years after their procedure. Dr. Peters and the rest of our surgical team can help you alter your appearance with new implants or completely revitalize your self-image by removing the implants.

Every single breast implant removal procedure is slightly different. During your initial appointment with Dr. Peters, you will learn more about your own particular surgery and how it will be carried out. Many of our patients contact our practice to correct issues such as capsular contracture, ruptured implants, implant migration, and other medical issues. Whether you are experiencing health issues or cosmetic problems, our team is here to help. Dr. Peters can address your concerns with a personalized solution that meets your individual goals.

Recovery after Breast Implant Removal

Much like your breast augmentation procedure, you should plan on a somewhat lengthy recovery period following your breast implant removal surgery. The vast majority of our patients are able to return to work and their other daily activities within five to seven days. You should be able to exercise and carry out other strenuous activities within three weeks of your procedure. Every breast implant removal surgery is slightly different, and that means you must set aside at least three weeks to recover.

What Problems Can Breast Implant Removal Address?

This particular procedure can address a number of common issues. This includes medical emergencies as well as unexpected cosmetic problems. Capsular contracture, implant rupture, and visible rippling can all be addressed with this procedure.

What Is Capsular Contracture?

Even with modern materials and techniques, there is no guarantee that a woman's body will accept the implants. One of the most common side effects of a breast augmentation procedure is capsular contracture. This takes place when the physical capsule surrounding the implant hardens or becomes distorted. In rare cases, the capsule can shrink so much that the implant itself hardens and is no longer physically comfortable.

A wide variety of secondary issues can result in capsular contracture. In many cases, it is nothing more than inflammation and swelling that leads to this problem. Some other variables that increase a woman's risk of capsular contracture include her hormones, weight, age, and genetics.

How Much Does Breast Implant Removal Cost in Orlando?

Your insurance provider will consider a number of variables when determining the cost of your breast implant removal procedure. If your implants are causing you pain or increasing your risk of other serious medical issues, then the surgery may be covered by your insurance policy. For patients who are simply unhappy with their appearance, we offer a number of affordable payment plans and financing via CareCredit®. We also accept all major credit cards, cash, and personal checks.

If you are no longer happy with your implants due to any medical conditions or the appearance of your breasts, then now is the perfect time to contact the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Our team is proud to treat residents throughout Orlando, Orange County, and the surrounding communities of Central Florida. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our team members.