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Sun Spot Removal in Orlando, FL

Laser treatments can make your sunspots and freckles that are caused by excessive sun exposure effectively disappear. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kendall Peters and Kristen Neilson PA-C, perform sun spot removal for patients living in Orange County and Central Florida at CPRS Med Spa, located in Orlando.

What is Sun Spot Removal?

Sunspots are a never ending source of aggravation to those who have them. The sun’s potent rays penetrate your skin, altering the pigmentation, causing hyperpigmentation. Due to the fact that your face and hands tend to have the most exposure to the sun, that’s where sunspots generally first appear, making it even harder to hide these bothersome blemishes. The good news is that there’s an easy way to refresh your skin with sun spot removal from Dr. Kendall Peters and Kristen Neilson, PA-C, of CPRS Med Spa in Orlando. We can safely remove your sun spots by selectively targeting brown pigmentation, revitalizing your skin in a safe and well-tolerated treatment that produces new skin rejuvenating collagen fibers. At CPRS Med Spa, by utilizing far-reaching laser wavelengths that penetrate your skin, the targeted brown pigmentation area associated with sunspots is heated and destroyed, causing the darkened skin to flake and fall off over time.

Sun Spot Removal in Orlando, FL

Kristen Neilson, PA-C

Am I a Candidate for Sun Spot Removal?

UV exposure from the sun is the number one source of sunspots, and these distressing discolorations can cause a disturbance in your complexion, or in the appearance of your hands, or elsewhere on your body. Once a sunspot is spotted, the earlier in the process that you seek treatment to help halt the hyperpigmentation, the better. Nowadays more and more modern men and women in their twenties and thirties are undergoing sun spot removal, recognizing that the sooner you tackle this particular problem, the less need there will be for treatment later. No matter what your age or skin type, you may very well be a candidate for sun spot removal if you have a hyperpigmentation problem area on your skin, so why not contact us now (LINK) to set up your consultation.

How is Sun Spot Removal Performed and How Long Does it Take?

Your treatment plan will depend on the amount of sun damage that your skin has sustained, and the scope of the area under treatment. During your consultation, we will develop a specific treatment plan for you, but in general, you can expect that your sun spot removal procedure will take less than thirty minutes. For your comfort, a local anesthetic will be administered prior to your procedure getting under way. Once your comfort has been assured, a light beam will be passed over your skin, causing an increase in your natural collagen production levels. As dark pigmentation is resurfaced, new tissue will be generated, in a targeted treatment that will help you look younger than ever! After your treatment, it is possible that you will feel some very minor discomfort, but that will quickly fade, and any redness will disappear rapidly. In the ensuing days and weeks, as your treatments progress, you’ll notice your sunspots beginning to fade in appearance, thanks to this non-invasive treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need for Sun Spot Removal?

Because sun damage is caused by frequent exposure to damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, the number of treatments that you will need is going to depend on how much sun damage your skin has endured. During your consultation, we will recommend a treatment plan with a precise number of treatments for full sun spot removal, based on your unique needs.

How Long Do Sun Spot Removal Results Last?

Sunspots and other forms of hyperpigmentation are darker colored patches of skin, somewhat larger than a freckle. You can permanently remove sunspots with sunspot removal, but it will be important to avoid excessive sun exposure after your treatment, as this can cause sunspots to return.

How Much Does Sun Spot Removal Cost in Orlando, FL?

The cost for your sun spot treatment will depend on the number of sessions recommended to effectively treat and erase your sun-spot concerns, and your final cost will be discussed during your consultation. CPRS Med Spa accepts cash, credit cards, checks, and also offers convenient CareCredit® financing.

Reverse the sight of sun damaged skin with sun spot removal. With sun spot removal from CPRS Med Spa, you can rid yourself of annoying sun spots and brown spots, with laser-assisted sun-spot removal. Contact us now to set up your sun spot treatment consultation!




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