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Earlobe Repair Surgery:

Earlobe repair surgery is a simple in-office procedure performed with local anesthetic that addresses stretched out ear piercing holes and torn earlobes. The earlobes are made of cartilage, and heavy earring use can result in the gradual stretching or elongation of piercing holes that can eventually result in a completely torn earlobe. This can make earring use very difficult, as earrings can slip down or even fall out if the piercing hole has become too wide to support them. Fortunately, this can easily be fixed by removing the former piercing hole and repairing the earlobe to it's natural shape. After 2 months, the earlobe can be safely re-pierced, and earrings can be worn once again. It is best to re-pierce the earlobes in a slightly different place than the original piercing hole to avoid recurrence of a split earlobe. Kristen Neilson, PA-C routinely performs this surgery as well as earlobe re-piercing here at CPRS, using refined, minimally invasive techniques to produce natural, balanced results.