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Male Neck Lift
in Orlando, FL

Did you know that the neck is one of the first places on your body to show signs of age?  The thinner skin loses elasticity easily, leaving sagging skin, jowls, and irregularly shaped bands.  Sun damage and weight loss do not help.  Men who are unhappy with the way their necks look should think about a male neck lift, also called platysmaplasty. Located in Orlando, the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Kendall Peters, MD, FACS, offers male neck lifts for men who live in Orange County and Central Florida.

What Is A Male Neck Lift?

Neck lifts remove extra fat and skin from beneath the chin and around the neck area.  The result is a contoured, younger looking jawline and neck.  Neck lifts get rid of jowls, fat deposits located under the chin, turkey necks made out of loose skin and irregularly shaped muscle bands around the neck.

male neck lift in Orlando, FL

Male Neck Lift CASE 1

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Benefits of Male Neck Lift

If you want to give you chin definition or make your neck look like it used to before your skin sagged and wrinkled, a male neck lift may benefit you.  Neck lifts make you look stronger and slimmer without looking like you had any work done.  Friends and co-workers will think you look great, but will not know exactly why.

How Is A Neck Lift Performed On A Man?

During a neck lift, excess skin and fat deposits are removed.  The underlying muscle is sometimes tightened as well.  Incisions are carefully hidden in natural folds and creases and scarring are typically minimal.  When a neck lift is the only procedure being performed, the procedure typically lasts two to three hours.  If other plastic surgeries are being done simultaneously, Dr. Peters will give you an estimate during your consultation. The type of anesthesia will be discussed as well.

Recovery from Male Neck Lift Surgery

If you are expecting the worst when it comes to having pain after a neck lift, take a deep breath.  The skin on your neck may feel tight for a few weeks, but post-surgical pain and bruising is minimal. Rest is required for a few days after the surgery to promote healing.  Dr. Peters will advise you on when it will be okay to go back to work and resume other regular activities.

How Does A Male Neck Lift Differ From A Neck Lift For A Woman?

Neck lift procedures and results differ for men and women.  A man’s neckline should not be as tight and smooth as a women’s.  Neck lifts on men should look natural, which means leaving a little slack and a few strategically placed lines.  Incisions are hidden in different places on men than on women.  Women’s incisions can often be tucked away in the hairline.  Men’s shorter hair, or lack of hair, requires careful incision placement.  Men’s beards and beard lines also provide opportunities to hide incisions.

How Much Does Male Neck Lift Surgery Cost In Orlando?

The best way to know for sure how much neck lift surgery costs is by having a consultation with Dr. Peters.  Because each man’s skin, muscles and requirements differ, Dr. Peters can give you a specific estimate based on your individual needs.  Neck lift surgery is usually considered elective and is not eligible for insurance benefits.  It is worth checking you benefits with your insurance company just to make sure, though.  The Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery offers financing via CareCredit® to help make your procedure more affordable. Cash, personal checks and credit cards are accepted.

Is Male Neck Lift Surgery Right For Me?

Typical neck lift patients are aged 40 to 80 who want to correct necks with:

  • Sun damage
  • Fat underneath creating a double or triple chin
  • Loose neck skin that creates a turkey wattle
  • Jowls caused by too much skin or fat

Why Choose Dr. Peters for a Male Neck Lift?

As an experienced plastic surgeon that has performed numerous male neck lifts, Dr. Peters knows how to make each man look his very best.  Using his skills, experience, and the latest techniques, Dr. Peters gives men natural, soft necks and jawlines that look masculine and youthful.  Dr. Peters’ favorite part of his job is getting to know his patients.  Not only is Dr. Peters passionate about his profession, but he is also relentlessly dedicated to giving patients outstanding care and treatment they deserve.

Restore the look of your chin with a neck lift by board-certified plastic surgeon Kendall Peters, MD, FACS at the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Residents who live in and around Orlando, Orange County, and Central Florida are encouraged to contact us to schedule their first step in obtaining a rejuvenated look.