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Cheek Augmentation in Orlando, FL

If you are unsatisfied with the lack of volume in your cheek area, perhaps you are considering cheek implants. Cheek implants, also referred to as cheek augmentation, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to add volume and definition to the cheeks and/or cheekbones. Located in Orlando, the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Kendall Peters, MD, FACS, is proud to offer cheek augmentation to individuals living in and around Orange County and Central Florida. Renewed volume and definition in the cheeks can help refresh the entire face and restore a natural balance between all of your facial features. Cheek augmentation is recommended for those individuals wanting to add contour and definition to their face, who are in overall good health and hold realistic expectations of their results.

What Is Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek augmentation can be broken down into two separate procedures known as malar augmentation and submalar augmentation. Both of these procedures boost the cheek and cheekbone area of the face in an effort to add definition and volume. Chiseled cheekbones can help your face appear thinner, helping to promote your other facial features.

A cheek implant helps to restore projection and prominence of the upper cheek area if it is flat or has become flat as a side effect of aging. Cheek implant surgery uses synthetic materials to build up the lower and middle portions of the face. Ideally, the upper, middle, and lower portions of the face should be divided into equal parts with each of these parts having proportional symmetry, volume, and projection.

The Cheek Augmentation Procedure

During your consultation appointment, Dr. Peters will analyze your face and recommend solutions that create or restore volume to the cheeks and cheekbone area.

Implants are available in many different sizes and are most often used to improve bone structure, correct specific areas of concern and/or enhance the soft tissue in the cheek area. Before performing any cheek augmentation, Dr. Peters carefully analyzes the thickness, quality, and texture of your skin, as well as the natural contours of your jaw, chin, nose and underlying bone structure.

The cheek augmentation procedure lasts around two hours and is performed under local anesthesia. Tiny incisions are made beneath the upper lip inside the mouth, through which the implants are inserted. Dr. Peters does not use external incisions for your cheek augmentation surgery. The size, shape, and type of implant are all pre-determined by Dr. Peters based on the patient’s natural anatomy. Implants may be held in place with a small screw. Patients generally return home the same day following their surgery. Absorbable sutures are always used inside your mouth with cheek augmentation surgery.

Oftentimes, cheek augmentation is performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as rhinoplasty or facelift surgery.

How Do I Choose The Right Type Of Cheek Augmentation For Me?

Dr. Peters will take into consideration your facial features when determining which areas to build up in your cheeks to make your face look younger, fuller, and more revitalized. Thanks to his comprehensive skill and experience in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Peters will give you his expert recommendation for enhancing your facial features in an effort to improve and rejuvenate your overall appearance.

Cheek Augmentation Recovery

Approximately two weeks following cheek augmentation surgery, the majority of patients may comfortably return to work and regular activities. Healing and recovery time are generally shorter for cheek enhancement than other plastic surgery procedures, such as a facelift.

How Much Does Cheek Augmentation Cost In Orlando?

The financial cost of cheek implant surgery will vary from patient to patient. If performed in conjunction with another procedure, such as rhinoplasty or a facelift, the cost could be potentially less than if performed alone. Dr. Peters is proud to provide financing via CareCredit® and accepts many forms of payment including cash, major credit cards, and personal checks in order to keep cheek augmentation and other procedures accessible and affordable to all of his patients. To find out more on the costs involved with cheek implant surgery, contact Orlando plastic surgeon Kendall Peters, MD, FACS for your consultation appointment.

For more information about cheek augmentation and how this procedure might benefit you, please contact us to schedule a consultation at our Orlando plastic surgery office. The Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Kendall Peters, MD, FACS, offers cheek augmentation for men and women who live in Orange County and Central Florida.



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