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Upturned Nose – Rhinoplasty Orlando Nose Job

Rhinoplasty in Orlando, FL

One type of nasal malformation that rhinoplasty is often used to correct is an upturned nose. When a nose is upturned, it has a shorter nasal tip than the typical nose. This tip is also over-rotated upwards. These characteristics give it a snout-like appearance, which is why this malformation is also known as miss piggy nose.

Not only is an upturned nose an aesthetic issue, it can sometimes create problems with nasal airflow. If you are having trouble breathing as a result of this condition, rhinoplasty surgery will improve your quality of life. Functional issues such as this may also make the procedure cost less than purely cosmetic rhinoplasty would; health insurance companies cover certain functional plastic surgeries.

That upturned nose in the mirror doesn’t have to be permanent. Contact our office for a rhinoplasty consultation today. Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters, both board-certified plastic surgeons serving the Orlando area, have the skill and experience needed to make your procedure as comfortable as possible.