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Thighplasty Recovery – Orlando Thigh Recontouring

Thigh Lift in Orlando, FL

Patients looking to tighten and reshape sagging thighs benefit from our thighplasty procedure. Also known as a thigh lift, this surgical resculpting option is an effective way to reverse the effects of aging and other factors on the thighs. After the procedure, a period of thighplasty recovery will be necessary.

Thighplasty recovery will go best when the patient makes an effort to follow our post-operative care directions. Staying home from work for a period of one to three weeks is vital, as it will help your thigh tissues recover. Any physically strenuous activities, including sports and exercise regimens, should be avoided until healing is complete.

Arrange an appointment for a thighplasty recovery consultation by contacting us today. You’ll be able to speak with board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters, who will be happy to help you better understand the process.