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The Non-Surgical 30 Minute Lift

Tired of looking tired? For those who are beginning to see signs of facial aging but are not ready for surgery, treatment with neurotoxins and injectable fillers can be the perfect solution.

Starting in our mid-twenties, our bodies begin losing collagen and elastin. This eventually leads to the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and hollowing. Treatment with dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane as well as neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport can help correct these issues.

When evaluating for signs of facial aging, the areas around the eyes and the mouth are typically the first places to portray these changes. Eventually expression lines may form in the upper face, and volume loss may occur in the cheeks and lips. All of these changes can be addressed with dermal fillers and neurotoxins, re-creating a rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

These treatments are non-invasive and require no downtime. They are safe, effective, and FDA-approved when performed correctly. Typically a full treatment takes less than an hour, and can even be done on your lunch break! Each treatment is catered to the individual’s unique aesthetic needs and goals, so schedule your consultation with CPRS today to receive your personalized treatment plan!