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Otoplasty in Orlando, FL

Most people are born with two antihelical crura, the branches of ear cartilage found below the top curve of the ear. If you’re unsure exactly what these are, take a moment to look at your own ear in the mirror and identify them for yourself. People born with the Stahl’s Ear deformity have an extraneous third cartilage branch. If you or your child has this issue, it’s time to consider ear surgery, or otoplasty.

Some patients born with Stahl’s Ear are also missing one of the main two antihelical crura. In this case, cartilage can be shaped with sutures to create this missing branch. At the same time, the extraneous cartilage branch will be taken out.

Want to learn more about Stahl’s Ear? If so, bring your questions to a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters. Make an appointment for a consultation – contact our office.