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Short-Scar Facelift – Facelift Techniques Orlando

Facelift in Orlando, FL

The short-scar facelift is a technique that provides many benefits over the traditional facelift. If you are a suitable candidate for this method, we will discuss its pros and cons with you during a consultation.

With the short-scar facelift, the hairline is not pushed back. This is due to the location and pattern of the incisions. Additionally, the post-surgical marks are well-camouflaged and are smaller than those of a traditional facelift.

At our office, we provide a variety of facelift techniques for patients looking for youthful rejuvenation. Contact us to learn about the short-scar facelift and your other options as part of a consultation. Skilled board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kendall Peters will be available to address any questions and concerns.