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Saddle Nose – Orlando Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty in Orlando, FL

Do you have a large, scoop-like depression in the center of the bridge of your nose? This condition is known as saddle nose. With rhinoplasty, you can have your nose surgically recontoured, correcting any issues and giving it a more-natural look.

Saddle nose is a result of the septum’s structural integrity being compromised. The septum is an internal nasal structure made of bone and cartilage, and one of its purposes is to support other parts of the nasal architecture. Sometimes the bone or cartilage of the septum gets damaged, often through a septal perforation – a hole in the septum. When these are damaged, it affects the septum’s structural integrity.

If you have experienced septal damage that has led to a saddle nose deformity, Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters are here to help. These skilled, board-certified cosmetic surgeons serve the Orlando area and are happy to answer any questions you may have, so set up a consultation today.