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Orlando Residents Ask: Am I a Candidate for a Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty, or “nose job” as it is commonly referred, is a surgical procedure that can improve both the aesthetic appearance and functional aspect of the nose. There are many ways of improving these aspects of the nose, and each patient’s unique anatomy requires an individualized approach. 

The primary indications for a rhinoplasty typically include such concerns as a dorsal hump, deviated septum, breathing difficulties, enlargement of the nasal tip, or oversized nostrils. All of these concerns can be addressed and improved upon with this procedure.

Since a rhinoplasty requires a trip to the operating room, some post-surgical downtime is to be expected. Most patients will typically experience swelling and bruising of the face, which usually lasts about 2-4 weeks. Usually precautions such as avoiding contact sports, no nose blowing, keeping the head elevated, and not wearing glasses are recommended during that time frame as well. By 4-6 weeks, the majority of the post-operative bruising and swelling will have resolved, and patients are typically able to resume all of their normal activities at that time. 

When considering a rhinoplasty, it is important to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Kendall Peters, who has many years of experience performing a wide variety of facial surgeries including rhinoplasties. He performs a thorough and complete assessment on each and every patient prior to surgery in order to develop a treatment plan that addresses each individual’s unique aesthetic and therapeutic needs.