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Rhinoplasty in Orlando, FL

When the subject of rhinoplasty is being discussed, one choice that always comes up is that of open vs. closed rhinoplasty. As with any decision, the best way to make an informed choice is by fully understanding both options.

Because an open rhinoplasty involves the lifting of skin tissue off of the outside of the nose, it is more invasive than a closed rhinoplasty. As a result of this, your surgeon has more access to the underlying bone, cartilage, and skin tissue. More-complex recontouring can be enacted. A closed rhinoplasty is less invasive, so you will experience less bruising and swelling after the nose job. The surgery generally takes less time to complete, and it is also not as likely to weaken the nasal architecture.

The choice between an open and a closed rhinoplasty is best made by qualified, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons like Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters. They can help you get the nose you’ve been looking for, so set up an appointment with our office today!