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Mohs Skin Reconstruction – Skin Cancer Orlando

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Orlando, FL

After Mohs surgery to remove a cancerous lesion from the skin of an area, a defect will be left in the skin. Nearby structures may also be affected. Correction of these issues is vital and requires a procedure known as Mohs skin reconstruction.

The specifics of your case will determine the amount of time your Mohs skin reconstruction will take. Typically, basic Mohs skin reconstruction procedures will require less than an hour to complete. Sedation may or may not be necessary. For those skin reconstruction procedures that deal with complex issues, more than an hour will be needed, along with general anesthesia.

Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters, two skilled board-certified plastic surgeons, are able to provide both basic and complex Mohs skin reconstruction for a variety of patients. Schedule a consultation to plan out your procedure – contact us today.