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Mastopexy Recovery – Orlando Breast Lift Healing

Breast Lift in Orlando, FL

Lift drooping breasts with the help of the mastopexy procedure, more popularly known as the breast lift. Once the breast lift surgery is complete, it will be important for the patient to be careful with their breasts during the mastopexy recovery period.

Mastopexy surgery creates some temporary swelling and bruising in the tissues of the chest. To minimize and ameliorate these issues during mastopexy recovery, patients wear a post-surgical support bra for a period of time. With this garment, the tissues are aided in conforming to their new configuration. After healing is complete, patients will be able to transition back to a normal bra.

Dr. Kendall Peters, an experienced board-certified Orlando plastic surgeon, is available to offer instructions for your mastopexy recovery during a consultation. Contact us today to set up an informative mastopexy consultation.