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Lip Augmentation – Orlando Enhancement Options

Lip Augmentation in Orlando, FL

Feeling like your lips are too thin and in need of enhancement? Come to us for lip augmentation! At our office, this remarkable improvement can be accomplished using either of two available methods: dermal-filler injection and fat-cell injection.

Injectable dermal fillers are often used to plump the upper and lower lips, creating desirable lip volume. We offer Juvederm, a trusted and time-tested dermal filler product.

Fat-cell injection is a method of moving excess fat cells from one region of the body to key areas of the lips. This has the benefit of lasting longer than a dermal filler would while also reducing a trouble area in volume.

When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Kendall Peters, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, the two of you will discuss your lip augmentation options. Arrange a consultation – contact our office today!