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Rhinoplasty in Orlando, FLNasal implants are used during rhinoplasty to aid in structural or cosmetic changes. Surgeons can either use synthetic implants or autologous grafts, which are implants made of the patient’s cartilage, bone, or soft tissue. Grafts are quite versatile; depending on their position in the nasal architecture, they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Grafts implanted into the alar rim are used to add width to the base of the nose, creating a more triangular shape. Spreader grafts are used to add width to the middle part of the nose. This is helpful for breathing, and it also corrects an inverted-V malformation.

Alar batten grafts and lateral crural strut grafts help patients breathe easier. They do this by adding nostril support, opening the airways.

Shield grafts, named because of their shape rather than their position within the nasal anatomy, add length to a shorter nasal tip. Caudal extension grafts, attached to the septum, help give a fixed position and direction to the tip. They can also create a larger septum and make nose areas larger or longer. Columellar struts are grafts that raise the tip by adding tip support. They’re not attached to the septum, so they have less-predictable results than a caudal extension graft.

Plumping grafts are placed below the columella. Unlike other grafts, they can be used to make nasal features look smaller through the altering of proportions. They can create the appearance of a shorter nasal tip. They do not add any structural support.

Radix grafts, placed at the top of the bridge of the nose, correct saddle nose malformation, a condition that occurs when the septum experiences a structural collapse. These are often done when performing a hump removal. Dorsal augmentation grafts also correct saddle nose, but they can be used on various parts of the bridge instead of just the very top of the nose.

To learn more about grafts and rhinoplasty procedures, speak with Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters, board-certified plastic surgeons in the Orlando area. To set up an appointment, contact our office.