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Fat Transfer – Fat Cells Orlando Anti-Wrinkle

Fat Transfer in Orlando, FL

Lines and wrinkles in the face are prominent markers of aging. When accompanied by facial gauntness, these lines create an appearance of advanced age that many would prefer to avoid or reverse. One effective method of reversing these issues is known as the fat transfer.

As part of your fat transfer procedure, we harvest your fat cells to use for filling facial depressions and wrinkles. In order to ensure that the harvested fat is as high-quality as possible, we purify it. This technique filters out damaged fat cells, dead cells, and unnecessary fluids, leaving only the best-quality fat cells for grafting.

For more regarding the fat transfer process, speak with Dr. Kendall Peters, a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Peters is available to answer questions and begin planning the procedure with you during a consultation. To arrange an appointment, contact us today.