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One of the most common fears about eyelid surgery is that there will be negative side effects. While eyelid surgery side effects can occur, most are temporary and can be corrected with proper care. The risk of any permanent injury is very small.

As with other types of plastic surgery, bruising and swelling are frequent eyelid surgery side effects; this is because the body perceives various surgical procedures as a form of injury. Periodically holding ice packs to the affected areas helps the healing process. A possible side effect of swelling is excessive dryness. If you’re experiencing dry eyes, it’s best to use eye drops and to make sure to continue to monitor the situation.

Scars are another common result of plastic surgery. Because the eyelid areas are so small, the resulting scars from the incisions are minor and difficult to see. They are hidden in natural creased areas, near camouflaging lashes, or on the inside of the lid, so they don’t tend to become issues for patients.

The surgery also carries with it the risk of eyelash loss, either temporary or permanent, and the potential for eye muscle damage. Difficulty breathing, double vision, bleeding in the eye area, and chest pain are not frequent eyelid surgery side effects. If these occur, get medical help as soon as possible. Bleeds have the possibility of leading to blindness.

Eyelid numbness, blurred vision, and pain in the eyelid area are also potential side effects of blepharoplasty surgery. If you’re experiencing lid pain, your doctor may recommend pain medication. Keep in mind that certain medications affect blood clotting and should not be used during your recovery period; as previously mentioned, bleeds can be quite damaging.

Typically, the risk of eyelid surgery side effects is lowest when the surgery is performed by skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons like doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters. For a blepharoplasty consultation, contact our Orlando office today.