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Eyelid Surgery – Combination Procedures Orlando

Blepharoplasty in Orlando, FL

Wrinkled, drooping eyelids can make a person appear tired and worn down. With eyelid surgery, you can rejuvenate your eyelids for a look that’s fresh and alert.

If you’re looking for more comprehensive facial rejuvenation, consider a facelift or brow lift procedure with your eyelid surgery. These cosmetic surgeries are able to remove wrinkles and excess sagging skin from other areas of the face. A combination of procedures is an ideal way to gain a more youthful appearance.

Find out more about eyelid surgery and whether combination procedures are right for you – contact our office and set up an informative consultation. Skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters would be glad to answer your questions regarding eyelid surgery and other plastic surgery procedures.