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Eyelash Rejuvenation – Latisse Orlando Lashes

Latisse® in Orlando, FL

Latisse is a convenient eyelash rejuvenation treatment that can be applied quickly and easily. If you’re experiencing faded, thinning eyelashes as you age and would like to revitalize your lashes, using Latisse is a very sensible solution.

Do not use Latisse on your lower eyelids, because this can cause unnecessary hair growth in the area. Instead, only apply Latisse to each of the upper eyelids, directly above the eyelash line. This will ensure proper eyelash rejuvenation and growth.

Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters are board-certified plastic surgeons with decades of aesthetic experience. Are you interested in finding out more about eyelash rejuvenation? If so, arrange a Latisse consultation by contacting our office today. Latisse may be just the treatment you’ve been looking for.