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Direct Brow Lift Procedure – Orlando Brow Lift Options

Brow Lift in Orlando, FL

You have options when it comes to brow lifts, and one such option is the direct brow lift procedure. This type of brow lift is helpful for those looking for a smaller amount of excess skin correction for the brow and forehead.

A direct brow lift procedure features incisions above the eyebrows. These are smaller than the incision(s) created during a traditional brow lift, making this option less invasive. Once these short incisions have been made, the plastic surgeon trims away an elliptical section of muscle and skin tissue and then uses sutures to close the incisions.

Find out if the direct brow lift procedure is right for you – speak to Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters, board-certified plastic surgeons with a great deal of experience. To arrange an appointment with these skilled plastic surgeons, contact our office.