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Direct Brow Lift Method – Orlando Sagging Eyebrows

Brow Lift in Orlando, FL

Are you experiencing deeply sagging eyebrows, ones that may even impair your vision? If so, you may be in need of the direct brow lift method. This type of brow lift is perfect for older patients and patients with facial nerve damage that has affected the brows.

The direct brow lift method is used to remove excess brow skin and elevate the brows. It typically takes around an hour to perform.

For two weeks after your direct brow lift, it’s best to stay away from physically stressful activities. You’ll still be healing from the procedure, and being gentle with your body will be the best way to stay safe and free of complications.

Experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters will be happy to answer your questions during a consultation. To arrange a visit to discuss the direct brow lift method and more, contact our office.