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Coronal Brow Lift – Incision Pattern Orlando

Brow Lift in Orlando, FL

Interested in a coronal brow lift procedure to remove excess skin? The traditional coronal brow lift incision pattern starts at one ear and stretches to meet the other. It’s created in the area behind the hairline.

Variations are available for the coronal brow lift incision pattern. When treating patients with a high or receding hairline, plastic surgeons can create the incision directly at the hairline. This method maintains the hairline’s position rather than pushing it back. This is called a hairline brow lift.

To discuss your coronal brow lift incision pattern options, set up a consultation at our office by contacting us. You’ll be able to speak with Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters, two board-certified plastic surgeons with years of experience. Call or email today to learn more.