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Chin Implant – Orlando Facial Augmentation

Chin Implant in Orlando, FL

Have you been told your entire life that you have a “weak chin”? A handsome or beautiful chin can go a long way towards making a good first impression and improving the overall appearance of the face. Plastic surgeons are able to augment weak chins with the help of a chin implant.

When the ratios between the chin, cheeks, and nose are imbalanced, this impacts the look of the entire face. Likewise, the degree of harmony between the face’s upper, lower, and middle thirds affects the aesthetic quality of one’s appearance. If a person’s chin is recessed in relation to the other thirds of the face or facial features, a chin implant can create harmony and beauty.

Want to learn more about augmentation with a chin implant? Then contact our office and set up an appointment for a chin enhancement consultation. Board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters are available to answer your chin augmentation questions and help guide you through the procedure.