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Breast Augmentation Revision – Revision Methods Orlando

Breast Reconstruction in Orlando, FL

The breasts are a delicate area, and an improperly performed augmentation can have numerous negative effects. To correct these issues, breast augmentation revision is typically required and can be extremely helpful.

Many issues can be solved with the aid of breast augmentation revision techniques. Changes can be made to the skin tissue of the breasts, the glandular tissue, and the scar-tissue capsule that forms around each implant. The implants themselves can also be replaced, taken out, or repositioned.

If you’re experiencing one or more issues as a result of a breast augmentation procedure, consider breast augmentation revision from board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters. With their years of experience, these plastic surgeons are the right men for the job. Set up your initial consultation today by contacting our office.