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Breast Augmentation Options: Which One is Right for You?

Breast Augmentation in Orlando, FL

Breast augmentations have been a very popular option for aesthetic enhancement of the body for many years now. In fact, breast implants are the eighth most common implanted medical device in America. There are two major techniques in performing this surgery: submuscular (beneath the pectoralis major muscle) and subglandular (on top of the pectoralis major muscle). There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these techniques.

About Submuscular Breast Augmentation

Submuscular breast augmentation refers to the placement of a breast implant beneath the chest muscle (pectoralis), which helps to better mask the appearance and feel of the implant, and may also help to prevent scar tissue formation around the implant (encapsulation). However, there can be more implant animation, which refers to the movement of the implant when the muscle is flexed.

About Subglandular Breast Augmentation

Subglandular breast augmentation refers to the placement of breast implants above the chest muscle (pectoralis), which is a good option in people with some mild to moderate ptosis (drooping) of the breasts that do not yet need or do not want a breast lift. The subglandular breast augmentation allows the implant to sit better within the breast tissue and may, therefore, look more natural in some cases. Depending on how thin the skin is, however, there may be a higher chance of rippling, which is when the natural folds of the implant can be seen beneath the skin.

Types of Implants

In addition to the placement of the implant, there are three different options of implant types. The most natural appearing and feeling implant is the anatomic shaped (“teardrop”) silicone implant, which is designed to look like the natural curvature of a breast. The second type of implant choice is the round shaped silicone implant, which is also very natural feeling but will give a more augmented look by enhancing cleavage. Finally, the third type of implant is made of saline. Saline is also a good option but does not quite feel as natural as silicone, and can sometimes reveal “rippling” through thin skin, which is when the folds of the implant can be observed on top of the skin. Therefore, it is a better option for individuals who have thicker skin and more breast tissue to mask the appearance of the implant.

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