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Botox – Anti-Wrinkle Injectables Orlando

Botox® in Orlando, FL

The passage of time comes along with many unwanted side effects, including wrinkles and lines in the skin of the face. Injectable treatments like Botox are able to reverse these signs of the aging process and give patients a more refreshed appearance.

Once you have received Botox injections, your fine lines and wrinkles will vanish. You’ll be able to enjoy smooth, youthful skin for around three to four months, depending on the amount of Botox injected into the region. After this time, speak to Dr. Peters regarding the possibility of follow-up treatments.

Arrange an appointment for a consultation to learn more about Botox Cosmetic by contacting us. During your consultation, you’ll be able to ask questions to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kendall Peters, an experienced medical professional.