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Body Contouring Options After Massive Weight Loss

Body Contouring in Orlando, FLThere are many different types of procedures for body contouring. Some of these procedures require surgery, and others can be done non-surgically. Oftentimes after massive weight loss, body contouring is essential in order to remove excess stretched out skin and tissue. The amount of tissue requiring removal will determine the extent of the procedure required for optimal contouring.

About Circumferential Body Lift

In those individuals who have undergone massive weight loss, such as what can be expected following bariatric surgery, a circumferential body lift is usually the best option. This entails a traditional tummy tuck, however instead of the incision only extending from hip to hip, it extends 360 degrees around to the lower back.

Once the patient has fully recovered from this operation, they may return to the operating room for an upper back lift in order to remove excess skin and tissue from this area as well. If the excess tissue is still present in the face, neck, upper arms, and thighs, surgeries such as a face and neck lift, arm lift, and thigh lift may be added on depending on the individual’s needs. Each of these procedures can be fairly lengthy; therefore, it is important that they are done in stages due to safety concerns.

Nonsurgical Options

In less significant weight loss situations, non-surgical options for body contouring may include Kybella® injections, laser treatments, and ultrasound therapy.

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