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Arm Lift Procedure – Brachioplasty Orlando

Brachioplasty in Orlando, FL

Want to get toned upper arms and get rid of that drooping, sagging excess skin? Working out won’t be enough. An arm lift procedure is just what you need to get those arms looking in shape and beautiful.

After the excess fatty tissue deposits and loose skin tissues are removed, your plastic surgeon will redrape the remaining skin. This skin will be stretched tightly over the recontoured area, which has two effects for the upper arms: smoother skin and a fit, toned look. Medical stitches will then be used to close up the arm lift procedure incisions.

To find out more about the arm lift procedure, pay a visit to Doctors Calvin Peters and Kendall Peters. These doctors are skilled, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons with numerous satisfied patients. Make an appointment today – contact our office.