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Annual CPRS event recap

Plastic Surgery and MedSpa in Orlando, FL Plastic Surgery and MedSpa in Orlando, FL

Once again, the Center for Plastic and Reconstructive surgery hosted their annual patient appreciation event, offering specials on all of the MedSpa products and services. Introducing their latest addition to the MedSpa…the SkinPen! The SkinPen is a microneedling technique for skin rejuvenation and collagen genesis that gives excellent results when used alone or when paired with laser treatments. CPRS was also excited to promote the newest injectable fillers on the market, including both Restylane and Juvederm products. Both established patients and prospective new patients alike gathered together to enjoy delicious food, sparkling wine, and amazing raffle prizes. Mark your calendars for next January so you can join in on the fun as well in 2019!