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Lymphatic Massage in Orlando, FL

Eliminating toxins from the body is necessary to maintain a constant state of wellness and slow down the aging process. Lymphatic massages assist your body with processing toxins, and can, therefore, help you heal from within to enjoy the best possible health and youthful vitality. Located in Orlando, the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Kendall Peters, MD, FACS, offers the lymphatic massage for men and women who live in Orange County and Central Florida.

What is Lymphatic Massage?

Sometimes referred to as manual lymph drainage or lymphatic drainage, lymphatic massage is a technique that was developed in Germany as a treatment for lymphedema. Lymphedema is a condition in which fluids accumulate in the lymph nodes. This sometimes occurs after they are removed during surgery, such as with a mastectomy for breast cancer. The condition can also be present at birth or develop later during puberty or even into adulthood. This is known as primary lymphedema and can affect up to four limbs as well as other parts of the body. Undergoing lymphatic drainage massage for any other condition aside from lymphedema is not medically recommended, despite being promoted by a few massage therapists.

An Overview of Lymphatic Massage

The lymph system is a part of the immune system and is responsible for carrying fluids throughout the body. It also produces immune cells and removes harmful things such as viruses, toxins, and waste. If your lymph system is not functioning properly, you may become tired easily and be more susceptible to illness. A lymphatic massage can restore proper functioning to your lymph system and may provide other benefits such as:

  • Detoxifying cells
  • Clearing congestion from the lymph system
  • Improving the appearance of cellulite
  • Reducing swelling throughout the body
  • Stimulating your immune response
  • Enhancing relaxation
  • Promoting overall wellness

What Conditions Is Lymphatic Massage Used For?

Lymphatic massage may be used to treat breast cancer patients who have had the lymph nodes in their armpits removed, as up to 25 percent of those patients will eventually develop lymphedema. Surgery for melanoma, colon, prostate, or bladder cancer can also result in lymphedema in the legs or other parts of the body. Patients who are experiencing swelling or discomfort near the site of their removed lymph nodes could be a good candidate for lymphatic massage.

A lymphatic massage is also the best way to ease bruising, swelling and discomfort after  liposuction or a tummy tuck. While this detoxification process can boost immunity at any given time, it’s particularly helpful after these types of surgeries.

What To Expect During Your Lymphatic Massage

A lymphatic massage performed here at CPRS MedSpa is designed to be a relaxing, soothing experience. Even so, it will feel much different from a deep tissue massage. During your session, you will lie down in one of our comfortable treatment rooms while a therapist performs a gentle, rhythmic massage that will stimulate your lymph system and improve how it functions. The motions used by our therapists are so light and gentle that many of our patients actually fall asleep during a lymphatic massage. Appointments typically last around an hour or so, and you should schedule frequent massages to maximize their effectiveness.

Have any further questions about the lymphatic massage in Orlando? Please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Kendall Peters, MD, FACS, serving Orange County and Central Florida. We’re here to make your post-surgery experience as pleasant as possible.

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